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1. Why do you use Google?
2. If you search the Internet and don't find what you want, what do you do?
3. In welchem Jahr wurde Deutschland als ein Land wiedervereinigt?
4. Why do you use email?
5. How many attachments can you add to an email?
6. When would you use "cc" in email address field?
7. If someone was horrible about you on Facebook, what would you do?
8. If a Facebook or TikTok survey asked for your home address, do you?
9. Have you ever posted something on Social Media that you later regretted?
10. Who can find your phone number on Facebook?Have you put your phone number on Facebook? What permissions have you set to allow people to find it.
11. If you received the following message, what would you do?β€œSomeone who came into contact with you tested positive or has shown symptoms of Covid-19 and recommends you self-isolate/get tested. More information at www.COVID-19anon.com/alert”
12. Do you backup your photos from your phone?What happens if your phone goes wrong? Are all those precious pictures lost forever?
13. Do you know how to copy files from one location to another on a computer?
14. Which of these is an input device for a computer?
15. Do you need to access your work from different locations?Do you know how to access your work from different computers at school/university/home, or from your laptop or your phone?
16. Do you know enough to buy a computer/laptop with confidence?Will you need to buy one before you go to University or for the next step in your education?
17. How many companies in Cambodia have a website?
18. Would you like to do more surveys and quizzes from IT Club?
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